Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Greetings to any new members who join

Welcome to the arena. Be prepared to do battle. Read the posts below. And let me know of others you think I should invite. Just remember that by default "I'm in control here now." [Pause for Reagan years flashback].

We should agree on some ground rules. Make sure to check for comments to a post. That may be where the debate is going hot and heavy. Put your reply or critique in a comment. Then the debate on certain points will be organzied under the original posting--just click on the comment and enjoy.

Just remember, this stuff might be seen by the public, even though I inserted code to prevent the web-crawling robots from indexing it for Google and other search engines. So try to avoid defamatory statements or anything that a law enforcement official could use against us. If you REALLY want it to be just between you and one recipient, use email.

Darn, there's just too much lawyer in me.


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