Thursday, July 28, 2005 - Longtime Tigers voice weighs in - Longtime Tigers voice weighs in: "The caller asks, 'May I speak with Ernie, please?'

'This is Ernie.'

The caller strays from the topic at hand for a moment, hankering for the man on the other end to continue in his sweet, slow Georgia drawl: 'Hi everybody. This is Ernie Harwell. It's a pleasant summer night here at Tiger Stadium. The Minnesota Twins are in town for the start of a three-game series.'"

And I'm 9 years old again, with a little transistor radio, listening to his calling the game--Frank Lary, Norm Cash, and my hero at the time, Al Kaline.

USA Today also has a tape of Harwell calling the end of Denny McLain's 30th win, along with some other classic sports announcers. Go to

USA Today Classic Radio Calls


Blogger Richard Wolfe said...

The way Ernie topped off a career as a gracious gentleman: when new management at WJR "retired" him in favor of younger blood, and his public let loose a cry of outrage, he gave an interview in which he supported the decision, saying that it was about time somebody else had a chance.

August 01, 2005 7:29 PM  

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