Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Our Blog is OUR blog

GorgeouslyGeorgina has forced us to members-only participation, but in a way she's done us a favor. You and I, the founding members, are the only dependable contributors, and GG's intrusion reinforces that truth.

Potentially, there is a whole class of contributors out there: our graduating class. I'm a believer that among them is at least one kindred spirit who would like to join our conversation (on a more active basis than the present, non-founding members).

We could always resort to classmates.com. I set up my ID there but can't remember if it's pay-to-play.

That would be rather like The Republic of Pemberley. We would have to put up with those merely interested in gossip (whilst ourselves pretending not to be).

Alternatively, we could promote Random Punditry on classmates.com (might be a way to reach all classmates, not just same-sex ones).

Indeed, promotion was one of our motivations in moving from mere email to a blog (must do more with that Thomas fellow -- er, I mean Roberts).

Who knows, maybe it's not too much to hope to sway even GG to think seriously about showing up at the polls next time around?

Nah: prob'ly just some automated way of harvesting eyeballs for porn sites.


Blogger Jim H said...

SO, the question is: who else should be invited?

August 02, 2005 9:46 AM  

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